Non-English Newspapers and Foreign language newspapers in Australia

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A list of currently published Foreign-language newspapers and news sites Cheers, Australian Chinese Daily, Indian Voice, Tygodnik Polski, Chinese Herald, Australian Jewish News, Il Globo, Al-Furat, Unification/Edinenie, Hindi Gaurav, Bangla Barta, Gujarat Times.

List of Non-English language newspapers in Australia

Al-Furat – Arabic-language newspaper in North-South Wales and published Tuesday and Friday.


Il Globo-Italian-language based newspaper, published in Melbourne, Australia.


Australian Jewish News– One of the Israeli newspapers published in Australia.


Chinese Herald– Chinese-language based newspaper published in Australia.


Tygodnik Polski-This is one of the Poland newspapers published in Australia.


Indian Voice– Indian community newspaper monthly published in Australia.


Australian Chinese Daily– Daily Chinese newspaper published in Australia.


Cheers-Japanese-language-based newspapers published in Australia.


Gujarat Times-Gujarati newspaper monthly published in Australia.


Bangla Barta-Bangla-language based newspaper in Australia.


Hindi Gaurav– It is a Hindi newspaper published in Australia.


Unification/Edinenie– It is a Russian newspaper in Australia.


German Australia Media-German-language based media.


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