Non-English Language Newspapers and News sites in UK

List of Non-English Newspapers United Kingdom  and journals for the latest celebrity news, movies, TV shows, music, fashion, beauty, entertainment, sports, business, weather, arts, and health.

List of United Kingdom newspapers by state England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Most popular newspapers United Kingdom


Nawai Jang pakistani newspapersNawa-j-jang in Urdu-language based newspaper of Pakistan


Tydzien in poland newspaperTydzien Polski-in Polish-language based newspaper.


Surma in bengali newspaper Surma-in Bangla-language based newspaper.


 British Malayali in Malayalam newspapers British Malayali-in Malayalam.


Click in Romania newspaper Click  Romania-in Romanian


Hello Philippines-Filipino community based newspaper.

UK Tamil News– Tamil community based newspaper.

Am Thai– Thaii community based newspaper.

Voice– It is British Afro-Caribbean community newspaper that owned by GV Media Group.

Punjab Times-in Punjabi-language Urdu

Nigerian Watch-in Nigeria

Shirsho Bindu-in Bangla

Indianpost-in India

Angliya-in Russian

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