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Nigeria Magazines, Journals, and Periodicals featuring for latest celebrity news, movies, TV shows, music, fashion, game, lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, sports, business, weather, weddings, arts, technology, cooking, and health. Nigeria Magazine and Nigerian Magazines, Naija Fashion, News Today.

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Nigerian  Magazines, Journals, and Periodicals online

Bella Naija is best Magazine in Naigeria (Bella Naija) It is informative and inspiring entertainment portal that founded in 1 July 2006 as a blog.

Happenings Famous magazine  (Happenings) Featuring lifestlye, entertainment, sports, gist, comedy, Titi’s erotic notes.

News watch top reviews (Newswatch)  It is established in 1986. It’s Newswatch Communications Limited by published. Most of the popular widely and weekly news magazines

Todays Women (Woman) Covering with fashion. lifestyle, love, news, podcast, fiction and more. Founded in Lagos on September 2007.

Ovation International (Ovation) Information with Showbiz news, entertainment, fashion, sports, education, health, travel and interviews. Ovation established in 1996, It was international born in London, United Kingdom.

List of  Nigerian Magazines contains article about  music, movies, entertainment, celebrities, sports, fashion, business , health travel and tourism more.

Top Nigerian Magazine sites Bella naija, Happenings, castles, Today woman, Ovation, encomium, sourc, Four four today, supple, Yabaleft, netnaija, 36ng.

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