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All Nigeria Radio Station Broascasting News and information on Music, Business sports, entertainments, education, lifestyles, travel, Health, weather news, local social, religious cultural and informed opinions political.

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List of all Nigerian radio stations

Fresh-FM-Ibadan (Fresh-FM) It’s best Indigenous radio station in Nigeria. Fresh 105.9 FM operating in Ibadan, Oyo State and more. The station also intends to interact with a blend of quality programming, news, music and sports local social,religious, political and institutional communities.

Biafra 24 News (Biafra 24) It’s English-language broadcast radio station network.  Biafra 24 by delivering round the clock breaking news coverage, Technology, and travel, business, cultural and informed opinions political.

RFI Radio(RFI Hausa)  It’s most popular radio station in Nigeria. RFI listener can listen with the online anywhere in the Nigeria

234 fm Radio (234 Radio) 234Radio brings you the listening experience with a mix of Blues, Alternative Music, Classical Music, Electronic Music, Country Music, Hip Hop / Rap, Jazz, Inspirational, Reggae, R&B / Soul and much more music and entertainment. 234Radio can access online radio anywhere in the world.

Adaba 88.9 FM radio (Adaba) It’s a famous and best radio station in Nigeria. Adaba 88.9 FM radio listener can listen with the online anywhere in the world.

Most Popular Radio Station in Nigeria

Nigerian Major cities Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Benin City, Port Harcourt. Various radio station in nigeria based in cities. Here list of Nigerian most popular and famous radio station.

Radio Stations in Lagos, Nigeria

1. Brilla 88.9 FM – Sports Broadcast only

2. Inspiration 92.3 FM

3. Rhythm 93.7 FM

4. Bond  92.9 FM

5. Eko 89.7 FM, Ikeja

6. Lagos Talks 91.3 FM

7. Top Radio 90.9 FM

8. Traffic radio 96.1 FM

9. LASU Radio 95.7 FM (Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos)

10. Wazobia 95.1 FM

11. Urban 96.5 FM, Lagos

12. Metro 97.7  FM, FRCN

13. Classic 97.3  FM

14. Cool 96.9  FM

15. Kiss 98.9 FM, Lagos

16. Soundcity 98.5FM, Lagos

17. SMOOTH 98.1 FM, Lagos

18. RayPower 100.5 FM, Alagbado

19. Star 101.5 FM, Ikeja

20. Nigeria Info 99.3FM

21. The Beat 99.9 FM, Ikoyi Lagos

22. Unilag 103.1 FM (University of Lagos)

23. Naija 102.7 FM

24. Radio Continental 102.3FM, Ikosi Ketu, Lagos

25. Choice 103.5 FM now Radio One – FRCN

26. City 105.1 FM, Oregun, Lagos

27. SMA 104.9 FM, Lagos

28. Kennis 104.1 FM, Lagos

29. NOUN 105.9 FM (National Open University of Nigeria) Victoria Island

30. Radio Lagos 107.5 FM, Ikeja (Also of Eko FM)

31. Faaji 106.5 FM (Also of Raypower FM)

Radio Stations in Kano, Nigeria

1. Radio Kano II 89.3FM.

2. .Wazobia 95.1 FM, Farm Centre, Kano.

3. Express Radio 90.3 FM, Lamido Crescent, Kano.

4. Manoma Radio AM- 549 MW , Kano.

5. Dala 88.5 FM, Kano.

6. Cool 96.9 FM, Farm Centre, Kano.

7. Radio Kano I AM -729 MW

8. Arewa Radio 93.1 FM, Farm Centre, Kano.

9. ARTV 101.1 FM, Maiduguri Road, Kano.

10. Ray Power 106.5FM, Kano

11. Rahama 97.3 FM, Kano.

12. FRCN Pyramid 103.5 FM, Madobi, Kano.

13. Freedom Radio 99.5 FM, Kano.

Radio Stations in Kaduna, Nigeria

1. Freedom Radio 92.1FM, Kaduna

2. Capital Sounds 90.9 FM, Kaduna

3. Liberty Radio 103.1 FM(Hausa) Kaduna

4. Brila 88.9 FM

5. Kada 2-89.9 FM Kaduna

6. Liberty Radio 91.7 FM(English) Kaduna

7. Supreme 96.1 FM, Kaduna (FRCN)

8. KASU 98.5 FM (Kaduna State University Radio)

9. Alheri Radio 97.7 FM, Zaria

10. Alheri Radio 97.7 FM, Kaduna

11. Teachers Radio 102.5 FM (Nigeria Institute of Teachers NTI)

12. FRCN- 594(Hausa), Kaduna

13. Kada 1-639 MW

14. FRCN-1107 (English), Kaduna

15. Ray Power 106.5 FM Kaduna

16. Nagarta Radio- 747 MW

Radio Stations in Anambra, Nigeria

1. Purity 102.5FM, Awka(FRCN)

2. Minaj 89.4FM Obosi

3. Blaze 91.5FM, Oraifite

4. Anambra Broadcasting Service-90.7, Onitsha

5. Brilla 88.9FM, Onitsha – Sports

6. Radio Sapientia 95.3FM, Onitsha

7. Unizik (Nnamdi Azikiwe University) 94.1FM, Awka

8. Madonna Radio (Madonna University) 93.3FM, Okija

9. Anambra Broadcasting Service- 88.5, Awka

10. Gist 103.5FM, Ogidi

11. Rhythm 95.7FM, Awka

12. Odenigbo 99.1FM, Obosi

13. Tansian Radio (Tansian University) 107.1 FM, Umunya

14. Lumen 90.1 FM,Uga

15. Alpha 106.5FM Nnobi

Radio Stations in Abuja, Nigeria

1. ASO Radio-93.5, Abuja

2. Cool 96.9 FM, Abuja

3. Rhythm 94.7FM, Abuja

4. Brilla 88.9 FM, Abuja – Sports

5. Urban Radio 96.1FM , Abuja

6. Vision 92.1 FM, Abuja

7. Kapital 92.9 FM (FRCN), Abuja

8. Nigeria info Abuja-95.1M

9. Wazobia 99.5 FM, Abuja

10. Kiss 99.9 FM, Abuja

11. Hot 98.3 FM, Abuja

12. Best Afro 87.9 FM, Abuja

13. WE 106.3FM

14. 107.7 – Armed Forces Radio 107.7 FM, Mogadishu Cantonment, Asokoro,Abuja.

15. Ray power 100.5 FM, Abuja

16. Love 104.5 FM, Abuja

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