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A list of New Zealand magazines and NZ magazines for the latest celebrity news, home, listener, geographic, business, Houses, handyman, kids, shop, mag shop, food, entertainment, sports, TV shows, music, beauty, business, fashion, weather, arts, and health.

New Zealand Magazines online

Tearaway Magazine Tearaway– Free youth lifestyle magazine and the oldest youth magazine Whanganui, New Zealand. Founder John and Vicki Francis and first issue published on November 1986.

Salient Magazine NZ Salient-It is the weekly students magazine of the Victoria University of Wellington Students. First published in newspaper format,  in 1938 and published by Victoria University of Wellington Students Association.

New Zealand remix magazine Remix Magazine-Quarterly fashion magazine published in New Zealand and now circulation around the world. Founded in November 1997 and publisher Tim Phin. Featuring the content is predominantly fashion, pop culture, beauty  and entertainment.

NZ nzgeo Magazine Nzgeo-It is New Zealand  National Geographic magazine. Established on January 1989 and published by Kowhai Media Ltd of Auckland. featuring Cultural heritage, eography, Culture, Conservation movement, Natural environment, Society, Exploration.

idealog Magazine News Zealand Idealog-Millions of people read business magazine in New Zealand and featuring on innovation, creative business and ideas. First published on January 2006.