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Louisiana Magazines, Journals, and Periodicals featuring for latest celebrity news, movies,  lifestyle, beauty, TV shows, music, fashion, game, entertainment, arts, technology, cooking, sports, business, weather, weddings, and health.

Louisiana Magazines, Journals, and Periodicals

acadiana profile in Louisiana Acadiana Profile-Acadiana Profile is a bi-monthly regional magazine. Publisher by Robert Angers and Geraldine Angers. Company name Renaissance Publishing. Founded in 1968, Lafayette, Louisiana, United States.

Ascension magazine in LouisianaAscension Magazine

biz new orleans in Louisiana Biz New Orleans

country roads magazine in Louisiana Country Roads Magazine

cenla focus in Louisiana Cenla Focus

Health & Fitness Magazine

In Register

Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine

Louisiana Football Magazine

Louisiana Sportsman

Louisiana Literature Magazine

Louisiana Life

Louisiana Film & Video Magazine

Louisiana Agriculture Magazine

Louisiana Travel

Louisiana Conservationist-outdoor magazine

Louisiana Historical Association

Louisiana Kitchen and Culture‎

Louisiana Bar Journal

Louisiana Law Review

New Orleans Magazine

New Orleans Living Magazine

New Orleans ReviewNew Orleans Review is a literature and culture magazine. Founder by John William Corrington and Miller WilliamsFounded in 1968, Lafayette, Louisiana, United States.

OffBeat Magazine– OffBeat is a monthly Music magazine. Company name OffBeat, Inc. Founded in 1987, Based in New Orleans, United States.

64 Parishes

Play Meter-Play Meter is a monthly Arcade game industry.Publisher by Carol P. Lally and Founder by Ralph C. Lally II. Founded in 1974, Based in New Orleans, United States.

Southern Review-The Southern Review is a quarterly literary magazine. Publisher by Louisiana State University Press. Founded in 1935, Louisiana, United States.


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