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List of Fiji newspapers and magazines for news and information on sports latest celebrity news, lifestyle, beauty, movies, TV shows, music, business, weather, fashion, game, entertainment, weddings, arts, technology, cooking, and health.

Fiji newspapers and magazines online

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Fiji Sun NewspaperFiji Sun-Fiji Sun is a tabloid format of the daily newspaper. Owner by Sun (Fiji) News Pte Limited and Publisher by Peter Lomas. Founded in September 1999, Suva, Fiji.

The Fiji Times newspaperFiji Times– Fiji Times is a tabloid format of the daily newspaper. Owner by Motibhai Group of Companies and Publisher by Fiji Times Limited. Founded on 4 September 1869, Suva, Fiji.

Fiji Live newspaperFiji Live

Fiji Village newspaperFiji Village-Fiji Village is an online news site in Fiji that is owned by Communications Fiji. Fiji Village is included with radio stations Radio Sargam, Legend FM, Navtarang, Viti FM, and FM96.

Fiji BBC News 

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Fiji Leaks‎

Islands Business-magazine

The Jet


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