Ethnic Media and multicultural Newspapers in canada

A list of Ethnic and multicultural newspapers for the latest celebrity news, movies, TV shows, music, fashion, beauty, entertainment, sports, business, weather, arts, and health.

Ethnic and Multicultural Newspapers

Canindia Newspapers Canindia News– CanIndia News Canada’s famous south asian newspaper. CanIndia News South Asian News covers from Canada – Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Breaking news and around the World.

CjnewsCjnews-It is a non-profit, national, English and French Language based tabloid-sized weekly newspaper that Founded by M. J. Nurenberger and Dorothy Nurenberger. Founded in 1960, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cittadinocanadese Cittadino canadese-It is a weekly tabloid format oldest Italian-language based newspaper that founded in 1941, Montreal, Quebec. Cittadino Canadese is founded by Antonio Spada.

Corriere Canadese Newspaper Corriere– It is an Italian-language based daily newspaper that publishers Joe Volpe. Founder by Dan Iannuzzi and founded on 2 June 1954, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dasecho Newspapers Dasecho– It is a monthly berliner format newspaper that owned by independent. Founded in 1978, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.