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Bhutan Newspapers and Bhutanese Magazine sites for news politics, sports, Jobs, festivals, fashion, entertainment, business, travel, lifestyle, history.

Bhutan Newspapers Online

Kuensel(Kuensel) One of the largest circulated newspapers in Bhutan. It is founded in 1967. Dzongkha and English language Newspapers in Bhutan

Bhutantimes(Bhutan Time) A Leading Newspapers in Bhutan. Founded in 2006. Featuring sports, culture, politics, and more news.

Bhutanjournalist(The Journalist) Published in Thimphu, is an English language weekly Bhutan Newspapers and read huge people in this country. Founded December 2009

Bhutantoday(Bhutan Today) It is one of the best Bhutanese Newspapers published on a daily basis and it has an online version. Launched in October 2008.

Businessbhutan(Business Bhutan) It is another widely read Newspapers in Bhutan. A weekly paper mainly focuses on business, finance, and politics in Bhutan.

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