Alternative newspapers in Canada: Alternative media in Canada

A list of currently published Canada alternative news media sources and news sites in Canada including Planet S, Voir, Georgia Straight, Grapevine, and Now.

List of alternative newspapers in Canada


The Coast in canada nwwspaperCoast – A Canadian weekly alternative tabloid format newspaper owned by Coast Publishing Limited. Publisher Christine Oreskovich and founded in 1993.


The Grapevine in canada newspaperGrapevine– The owner by Jocelyn Hatt, Genevieve Allen Hearn, Monica Jorgensen, Emily Leeson. Publisher by GV Publishing Inc. and founded in 2004. Based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada.


straight in canadaGeorgia Straight-It is an alternative weekly newspaper based in Vancouver, British Columbia Publisher Brian Kalish and founded in 1967. Its company name Media Central Corporation.


VOIR in canada newspaperVoir– Voir was a monthly magazine previously a weekly then a bi-monthly newspaper. Published by Communications Voir and founded by Pierre Paquet in November 1986, Montreal, Quebec.


Planet S in canada newspaperPlanet S– Planet S was launched in September 2002. Planet S is published by Hullabaloo Publishing Workers Co-operative Ltd.


 Now in canada newspaper‎Now– It is an alternative weekly newspaper founded in 1981. Published by Media Central Corporation based in Toronto, Ontario.


Ottawa (x)press– It is a weekly tabloid format newspaper in Ottawa, Canada. Owned by Communications Voir and Founded in April 1993.